Conference Room

We have a conference room able to fit 40 people with all the modern equipment you need to successfully support your indoor sessions that can be part of a wide range of events.

We provide:
-Projection Screen

By request, we can adapt the layout of our conference rooms to your event specifications. The tables can be arranged in a U-form, a theater hall arrangement, classroom or rectangular island to ensure a pleasant environment meeting. In between you can enjoy the tranquility of nature and the wonderful view of the Bucegi Mountains. We give the utmost importance to all events and we are every step of the way with you in organizing successful meetings.Whether it is a training course, workshop, management session, evaluation session, offsite meeting, team building, project work, company anniversary or creative workshop, we provide ideal conditions for their proper development.

You have the questions, we have the solutions!

For reservations, event details, personalized offers or other information, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone 0244.310.302 or 0732.127.737.

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