The first step in organizing a successful corporate event is choosing a reliable partner whose role is not that of only a simple service provider. He is an active participant throughout the complex process of planning the event and is able to find effective solutions whose flexibility and ingenuity can be supported only by its solid experience in organizing successful events for companies in various industries.Event planning involves many steps, but one thing is certain: the ideal place exists 120 km from Bucharest and only 40 km from Brasov. The tranquility of nature and the beautiful scenery are the key elements in achieving success, no matter what kind of event it is:


  • Training Course;
  • Workshop;
  • Management session;
  • Evaluation session;
  • Offsite meeting;
  • Team building;
  • Project work;
  • Company anniversary.

If a corporate event means more for you than strictly duty office and you want to leave a mark in the quality of time spent with work colleagues, you have come to the right place. Piatra Șoimului Complex offers advice and all the assistance you need. Beautiful things happen in a beautiful place!

Our team’s experience in business tourism and our attention to details that make the difference always leads us to accurately identify support services that your company needs. Our diverse services are constantly improved and optimized over time following feedbacks and suggestions from our customers:

  • Facilitate team type indoor activities: thematic workshops, bakery shops, workshops pickles, egg painting workshops etc.;
  • Varied menu with delicious meals served on time and prepared by the master chefs at the KUIB Restaurant;
  • Arrange indoor spaces: KUIB Restaurant, conference room;
  • • Arrangement of open spaces: KUIB Restaurant terrace, the park – suitable for recreational activities (campfire, children’s playground, fitness equipment, multi-purpose stage), private parking;
  • Indoor recreational activities: board games.

Because we know that the ambiance and every single detail is crucial in planning an event, we have developed areas related to complex in order to provide you additional services consistent with the needs of your company:

  • Park with a surface of about 1000 square meters;
  • 1 conference room with capacity for 40 seats;
  • Hotel with 10 standard rooms, 2 deluxe double rooms, 3 suites;
  • Villa with 2 apartments (3 rooms and 4 rooms);
  • Restaurant with terrace and its own bakery;
  • Private parking.

Large or small group, work colleagues or just friends, we expect you all! Our offer:

  • Accommodation: up to 43 people can be accommodated in a villa and hotel and for larger groups so we have developed partnerships with other area accommodations to ensure maximum comfort;
  • Restaurant: special meals for groups up to 100 people inside and 80 people on the terrace (not necessarily accommodated in the Piatra Șoimului Complex) and catering for groups that are housed elsewhere in Sinaia.

Because a good business person makes a good business, at Piatra Șoimului we welcome you with quality services and a great overall atmosphere of excitement. We invite you to read the impressions of those who have crossed our threshold by checking the testimonials section.

“When we created this business, we had no experience in tourism other than as a customer! So we developed a tourism business from a customer perspective. What was the end result? A place where people can relax or work, create or feel the adrenaline of outdoor activities. A place that smells like warm bread, where the chocolate becomes art, a place where people dance the waltz step or simply contemplate nature – usually a place where everyone can find themselves.

We invite you to discover Piatra Șoimului Complex! We believe that in time we will become your little private hotel!”

Mădălina Rădulescu

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